Commitment to Tackle Pay Agreements Good News for Business

Chambers Ireland has said that the Government’s commitment to remove archaic wage regulations will be good news for many Irish businesses seeking to sustain employment at this time. John Forde, Chambers Ireland HR Policy Council Chair said, “Chambers has continuously called for the abolition of obsolete Employment Regulation Orders (EROs), Registered Employment Agreements (REAs) and Joint Labour Committees (JLCs) which no longer serve a rational purpose since the introduction of the National Minimum Wage (NMW). The confirmation by the Minister for Enterprise that these will now be tackled is welcomed.” “While the Government’s determination to reverse the cut in the NMW is disappointing, we recognise the more immediate impact that reforms to these agreements will have on wage costs.” “In order to create and maintain jobs in our turbulent economy, we need a sustained focus on reducing the unit cost of labour and in turn cost-competitiveness. This could be further supported by consolidating all employment and health and safety legislation into a simplified single act using the Taxes Consolidation Act of 1997 as a model,” Forde concluded.
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