Sustainability Challenge


30 Companies in the Midlands will compete against each other in a race to reduce their energy bills over 6 months. The 30 companies will receive access to experts in energy saving from Sustainable Energy Ireland and other industry professionals. The energy bill of the competitors will be measured for 6 months and those with biggest percentage reduction will be our Sustainable Energy Winners. The Midlands Gateway Chamber unveiled its plans to develop a sustainability challenge for the Midlands. The goal of the project is to overcome the challenges of regional sustainability poised by Ireland’s only Polycentric Gateway. The objectives of the project are to improve the competency of all businesses in the Gateway Region in terms of sustainability. The particular focus of the programme is to up-skill and strengthen awareness of all businesses in the region on matters relating to Energy, Waste & Water.


John McGrath, Director, MMKDA


Companies from the Midlands Region are currently being selected to participate in this project. If you are interested in getting involved contact

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